DRLM Hotfix 2.2.1 Available

DRLM Version 2.2.1 (October 2018) – Release Notes

  * Updated ssh_install_rear_xxx funcitons (issue #62).
  * Ubuntu 18.04 support (issue #81).
  * Fixed Mac address change not reflected on PXE (issue #65).
  * Solve certificate deployment to clients (issue #66).
  * Improve sched log cleanups (issue #67).
  * Improve addclient and addnetwork database ID allocation (issue #69).
  * New variable SSH_PORT has been created on default.conf to allow user to choose the ssh port (issue #70)
  * Improve security on HTTP server getting the client config (issue #76).
  * Delete client related jobs in delclient workflow (issue #82).
  * Updated timeout for drlm-stord.service (issue #74).
  * Modnetwork server ip now modify client.cfg files (issue #77).
  * In modnetwork if netmask is not specified is taken database saved netmask.
  * In addnetwork if network IP is not specified will be calculated (issue #84).
  * Problem with PXE folder file parsing fixed (issue #86).
  * Automatically remove DR files after failed backup (issue #90).

You can take a look at the full history on release notes at: