DRLM 2.2.0 Available

Hi, we launched DRLM 2.2.0

We added Real Time client ReaR log in DRLM server and bash_completion feature. Compatibility with Debian 9 added, among other improvements.

DRLM Version 2.2.0 – Release Notes

  • “Make deb” improved deleting residual files.
  • NEW Real time client ReaR log in DRLM server.
  • NEW bash_completion feature added to facilitate the use.
  • It is possible to perform a “rear recover” without the parameters DRLM_SERVER, REST_OPTS and ID.
  • listbackup, listclient and listnetwork with “-A” parameter by default.
  • SSH_OPTS variable created in default.conf for remove hardcoded ssh options.
  • Debian 9 compatibility added.
  • Improved client configuration template.
  • Improved treatment of deleted client backups
  • Improved/extened DRLM RESTful API (better error handling and control with clients)


You can take a look at the full history on release notes at Github