DRLM Version 2.4.11 (March 2024) – Release Notes

  • NEW! RAWDISK output backup type supported
  • Updated Suse 15 ReaR repositories
  • Bugfix in web, holded backups are not shown
  • New install script
  • Bugfix in installclient adding network interface
  • Check client shell before installclient
  • Bugfix in DRLM pre and post runbackup script
  • Added ability to adjust client configs upon migrations on rescue startup
  • Added ReaR tunning to avoid mac mapping on automatic restore
  • NEW! Telegram error reporting supported
  • NEW! Configurable error reporting message
  • NEW! Toggle pretty mode from command line in all lists
  • Bugfix in get_client_used_mb
  • Bugfix in Debian12 scheduled jobs
  • Bugfix in install clients, force non-interactive installations