banner download DRLM 2.0.


You can download the new DRLM 2.0.

This new version solve lots of bugs and new cool features are added!

New Features:

  • New installclient workflow
  • Suport for parallel backups
  • Speed up DR image creation and backup time
  • Sqlite3 database backend
  • Added error reporting support for:
    • Nagios
    • Zabbix
    • Mail

DRLM 2.0.0 Release Notes:

  • Multiarch netboot with GRUB2 – x86_64-efi i386-efi i386-pc – (issue #2)
  • New installclient workflow (issue #5)
  • Added support for systemd distros – RHEL7 CentOS7 Debian8 – (issue #14)
  • Use bash socket implementation instead of netcat (issue #15)
  • Runbackup workflow enhacement with sparse raw images with qemu-img reducing backup time and improving management (issue #16)
  • Added support for parallel backups on DRLM (issue #22)
  • Added support for new DB backend sqlite3 (issue #23)
  • Added support for Nagios error reporting (issue #28)
  • Added support for Zabbix error reporting (issue #29)
  • Added support for Mail error reporting (issue #30)
  • Added timeout var for Sqlite in for avoiding database locks.
  • Added source of local.conf and site.conf files in drlm-stord
  • Solved lots of bugs
  • DRLM documentation updated to reflect version 2.0 changes

You can take a look to the full history on release notes at Github