Community Support

For Community support, you can use the Issue-Tracker or the DRLM User Forum. Please visit the Development page for information on how to collaborate on the project and discuss issues.
We expect the users try the latest release, understand the basic concepts of DRLM and provide us with as much detail as possible regarding the experienced problems, in order to solve them quickly.
The details we require may include:
  • DRLM, ReaR and Linux OS versions information
  • Custom configurations (from /etc/drlm/ and /etc/rear/)
  • Any related screen output
  • Logfile (from /var/log/drlm/ and /var/log/rear/) with debugging enabled (drlm -Dv)

Professional Support & Services

brainupdatersIf your Company uses DRLM as a Disaster Recovery solution, is strongly recommended  to contract any of the DRLM Services offered by Brain Updaters, S.L., the Company behind DRLM.

  • Support Services
  • Consulting Services
  • Sponsored Development


The BU Team is the founder and maintainer of DRLM Project at GitHub