Get Involved

Getting involved in the DRLM Community is a great way to build relationships with other talented engineers, increase awareness for the interesting work that you are doing, sharpen your skills, or give back. Here are some of the ways that you can contribute to DRLM.

Discuss DRLM through Community Forums

Discuss, learn about, and get help with DRLM through community-supported forums.

DRLM Twitter Account (@drlm_org) used for release and new features announcements
DRLM User Forum used for end-user support
DRLM Dev Forum used for development discussions

Write Code

The DRLM project uses Github for source code management and issue tracking.

DRLM is fully developed with the Bash language and we follow the coding styling described on the drlm wiki page.

If you are interested in contributing code to DRLM, you can discuss your area of interest on the DRLM Dev Forum, or you can simply fork the project on Github, make the modifications and then do a pull-request to development branch. This makes it easy for the project to discuss the changes through the pull-request, and when accepted to merge the pull-request into the project.

Reporting issues

The Github interface enables users to report issues or discuss improvements and new features through the issue-tracker at:

Once reported, one of the contributors can assign it to someone, classify it and attached it to a milestone release. Managing issues in this manner helps in collaborating, but also provides full transparency to users and contributors alike.

Contribute to the Documentation

We run the DRLM docs like an open source project. The docs are posted in a public repo on Github, and you can report errata, discuss missing sections or new section proposal. We encourage you to contribute to improve the Docs.

Become DRLM Distribution Package Maintainer

We are looking for package maintainers who would write better packages and help us increase number of Linux distributions supported with DRLM. Please contact us to volunteer for maintaining DRLM in any Linux Distro.

Share DRLM

If you love DRLM, consider telling others about it.

  • If you are using DRLM in production, become a public reference for DRLM by getting listed on our success stories page.

Other Ideas?

If there’s some other way you’d like to contribute, feel free to contact us! Thanks for your interest in DRLM!