DRLM 2.1.0 Available

We added support for DRLM on SLES 12SP1 and Ubuntu LTS, along with NEW features like Backup Job Scheduler and Export/Import of DR images, among other improvements.

DRLM Version 2.1.0 (February 2017) – Release Notes:

  • DRLM reporting with nsca-ng, nsca. (issue #47)
  • DRLM Server for SLES. (issue #45)
  • Support for drlm unattended installation (instclient) on Ubuntu (issue #43)
  • NEW Import & Export DR images between DRLM servers. (issue #39)
  • Pass DRLM global options to ReaR. (issue #37)
  • New DRLM backup job scheduler (issue #35)
  • Addclient install mode (automatize install client after the client creation) (issue #32)
  • Solved lots of bugs


You can take a look to the full history on release notes at Github